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 The Magic Of Hair Colouring
Colors add beauty and glamour to our static life. The colors, which express our feelings, are used in cosmetics, couture and surroundings. They give us the freedom to scatter rainbow shades on our hair according to the occasion. Today hair colors are dominating the fashion world and thrill people of all ages and classes. Hair colors come in different shades, forms and qualities for different hair textures.

Types Of Hair Colors :
Colors are available today in liquid, powder, oil, cream and gel, etc. Hair mascaras, crayons and color hair sprays are used as temporary and semi-permanent colors, whereas gel and other forms are used as permanent colors.

Trendy Shades -
The common shades used these days are reds and browns. Hair experts always go for brown and golden streaks for whitish skin tones, whereas for fair skin, they go for reddish or purple shades.

Hair Texture And Length -
All kinds of textures as well as hair lengths can be given a hair color. But the expense increases in proportion to the length of hair. Short length hair looks more elegant with hair colors.
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