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 Techniques Of Coloring & Preventive Measures
Techniques Of Coloring :
Highlighting, streaking, frosting, finger-painting, etc are different techniques of coloring but teens today prefer the highlighting and streaking.

Care Of Colored Hair :
Here are some tips for the care of colored hair :
1.) Avoid contact with bright sunlight. Little amount of sunrays accentuates the red tones.
2.) Use of low pH shampoos. Give preference to special color shampoo.
3.) Washing of hair after swimming and use of hair conditioner to avoid dryness of hairs.

Preventive Measures :
Experts lay stress on some preventive measures to avoid mishap during or after the coloring. They are :
1.) Check any cut in the scalp.
2.) Avoid metal containers.
3.) Use rubber gloves.
4.) Confirm the suitability of color.
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