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 Great Hair For A Glam Evening
Here are a few points for your crowning glory...

1.) If you have long hair and are wearing a dress that bares some skin on top, leave it down and play up the texture a little. You can use a large barrel curling iron to make some big soft waves. Using Velcro rollers is also an easy way to create a beautiful body and bounce once your hair is dry. For an added touch, twist each piece inward before you secure it with a festive hair accessory.

2.) If your dress has a high neck, wear your hair up. A twist or chignon is very elegant and after you've created your up-'do, be sure to pull a few strands around your face to soften the look and create the illusion that you threw your hair up effortlessly.

3.) Women with short hair also have several options for formal occasions. For a super-sleek look, part your hair on the side and use styling gel to add shine and keep your hair flat against your head. If you want a style with a little more body, go a bit messy on the top and around the crown, while keeping your silhouette tight around the ears.

Whatever style you choose, test a few times before the big night. Practice makes it perfect. This will also give you the chance to experiment with different looks and find the one that works best for you.
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