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 Get A Sleek Hairdo
If you are fed up of your wanton curly hair, and dream of possessing a silky straight hairstyle, then just follow our guidelines :
Wash your hair and condition generously, towel dry and divide the hair into several sections. Taking one section at a time, brush it straight and blow dry in a vertical position. For a polished look pull the hair ends inwards. Apply specially formulated straightening products and you are ready to rock the world.

Wary of various hair care products on the sale counter and don't know which one to pick up for you hair type? We help you by explaining you these jargons :
Mousse - It shapes and sets the natural movement of your hair and is always to be used on wet hair. Ideally you need a coin size amount to work upon your hair.

Curl Boosters - It adds definition and brings action into naturally curly or permed hair.

Moulders - It styles and enhances your hair style and stays put to it for hours.
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