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 Slim Down A Full Face
If you want to slim down a full face, the first rule for slimming down a fuller face is to style the hair away from the face. When it comes to length, prefer styles that go to the collarbone or just below the shoulders, which will give the hair body movement. It is also recommended staying away from very short cuts. If you want to pull up your hair to the ponytail, don't pull it back high on your head.

Tips For A Wonderful Hair Up-do :
There is nothing like an elegance of an easy, breezy style. To put your hair in an updo -
1.) Start with a light styling lotion to help set the style before putting it up. Apply this before your hair is totally dry, work through the ends, and then smooth while finish drying.

2.) Then you can make either a low or high ponytail and tie securely. For a smooth look, twist it evenly and pin carefully in place for elegance.If you're after something more fun and relaxed, twist the hair in a slightly messy fashion and keep in place with an assortment of colourful clips for accents.

3.) You can either curl or crimp these so they'll frame your face beautifully.

4.) Add a touch of hair spray to keep you super looking and you're ready to go.
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