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 Great Lips
Keeping your new shape subtle is the key to improving your lip line. A balanced; symmetrical look can be achieved by clean, soft lines and a smooth color application.

To guarantee your improved lip shape is a smooth, professional finish, draw your corrected lip line in with a sharp lip pencil of a matching color, then fill in your lips with your favorite color, tint, shimmer or shine. For lip color that lasts all day, brush over blotted lips with a coat of lip sealant.

When correcting lip shape do not reshape your whole mouth - not a good look when lippy wears off leaving a visible lip line. For the most natural looking reshape, prime lips first with a congealer, foundation and powder. This will also give added staying power and help to prevent 'bleeding'.

Keep lips soft and supple for the smoothest finish by applying a moisturizing lip balm under your lipstick, or use even when you are not wearing lipstick.
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