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The most important rule in the world of make-up is never to use cheap stuff. Always go in for well-known brands even if they do cost more. Or you might have to pay a heavy price with the damage done to your face. Always play safe. Learn to use your make up we. The skill will help you for a lifetime.

Make-up Skills :
In order to look your best, you must discover what your basic make up needs are and stick to them. Look critically in the mirror or consult a friend or a beautician for advice. If you have a good complexion, you can concentrate on playing up your eyes and lips. Your skin is already playing its part. If you have small eyes you need to make them look bigger. Are your lips better off with just a touch of gloss or do they need a dash of color ?
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Cosmetics :
Remember cheap cosmetics can be lethal weapons. Go in for the trusted brand always. Have a whole range of cosmetics that will give you a complete look.
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Foundation for your Skin Tone :
Sallow kind of skin tone lacks color. Use pinky beige to make it less yellow. People who have Lily White type of skin tome should try using a pale natural shade with just a hint of translucent pink.
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Brush-up your Knowledge on Brushes :
There are various types of brushes for various make-ups. The eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, brow brush, concealer brush, powder brush, lip brush and so on...
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Beauty Products and Its Uses :
If you go to the market, you will find varieties of beauty products to choose from. They are - Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Masque, Facial scrub and Revitalizing Night treatment. Click below to know more about these products in details.
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Right Spectacle Frames for your Sort of Face :
Spectacles can be used as beauty assets if you select the kind of frame that compliments your face. So if you're planning to wear them, make sure you check out the following pointers.
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