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 Brush-up your Knowledge on Brushes
The eye shadow brush :
It is a brush with short bristles, softly rounded at the sides. Hold your head straight and bring the mirror up close to your face while you use it.

The eyeliner brush :
It is a flat brush with short, firm bristles. Hold your head up and grip the brush lightly while you use it. If you want your eyes to look bigger draw the line closer to your top lashes.

The brow brush :
It is a small brush with an angled head. use it to brush a small amount of shadow through the brow hairs.

The concealer brush :
It is a firm brush with a tapered, flat head, usually with synthetic bristles. Use it with a cream concealer only where it's needed. Take care not to overload the brush.

The powder brush :
It is a soft, fluffy brush with full rounded bristles and a long handle. Make quick, light strokes on the face in the direction that hairs grow.

The contouring brush :
It is flatter and firmer than a shadow brush, and is tapered enabling it to reach into the eye socket. Keep your eye open and gently flick the socket with the brush to build up color.

The blusher brush :
It is a medium-sized, full, soft brush that is tapered at the sides. Sweep one side of the brush over the blusher, then across your cheeks using circular motions. Make sure you blend in the blusher equally on both sides.

The lip brush :
It is a narrow two-sided brush with dense bristles.
Blend the lip liner with your brush. Use one side for the lip color, and the other for blending.
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