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Remember cheap cosmetics can be lethal weapons. Go in for the trusted brand always. Have a whole range of cosmetics that will give you a complete look. Some of the essentials are :

Foundations :
Foundations or liquid make up as they are now called. This is suitable for those living in cold climate. The cold enables the face to absorb the liquid and keep the skin glowing. But if used in hot humid climates, this make up causes excessive sweating and starts to run down your face. The result is disastrous.

Compact or Face Powder :
Is an ideal base for warm places, as it is light on the face and gives an even, polished effect. Choose a color that is closest to your own skin color. Choosing a wrong color wont complement our complexion.

Blushers or Rouge :
These are available in cream and powder blushes. Light skins should choose pinks and dark skin should go in for earthy tones. Should be used to highlight your cheekbones and add color to your face.

Eye Make-up :
Eye make up is considered absolutely essential. Many people concentrate on only doing up their eyes and letting the rest of their face remain natural. Eye Pencils that can be used as kajal or khol pencils. Used to draw a line on your lower lid.
Eye Liners - for that seductive look- This little wand can change the shape of your eyes and allure and entice if used well. Used to draw or paint a thin line on the rim of our upper and/or lower eyelid.
Eye shadow - depending on the color used, it can bring about sophistication, glamour or can look shockingly garish. To be smeared gently and lightly on your eyelids.

Mascara :
Completes the effect of eye make up. Gives your lashes a thick dark look. The lashes should be carefully coated with the brush and allowed to dry well. Beauticians don't advocate using all the cosmetics for the eyes at the same time. Just one or two at a time will do well and produce the required effect. Don't ever overdo your make up. Prettying our mouth. Your mouth gives your face expression and reveals a lot about your personality. But with the artful use of the right cosmetics, it is possible to make a down turned mouth look uplifted, or to give you a pretty pout.

Lipsticks :
Lipsticks are lifelines to women around the world. Many women don't leave home without it in their handbags. Choose the right color depending on your complexion, age attitude and occasion. Have more than one if you can and use them for a different look. To be applied on your lips. If used indiscreetly, lipstick can make you look cheap and vulgar especially if the color is all wrong for you.

Lip Liners :
Can be used to change the shape of your lips, or to emphasize them. Get one the same shade as your lipstick unless you want a deliberately dramatic look. Used to draw an outline of your lips before you fill it in with lipstick.

Lip Balms or Gloss :
Regular use can make your lips soft and free of ugly cracks. An absolute must for every woman. Popular opinion is that unless your mouth and teeth and kept meticulously clean and fresh, no cosmetic is going to make it look good.

Cleansing Cream :
It is imperative to have cleansing lotions and creams that will clean the make up off your face. Just soap and water wont do. Be maniacal about cleansing your face every night. The effort really pays off. If make up isn't wiped off, it's toxic after effects hasten the ageing process. The creams and lotions are to apply evenly all over your face and wiped off with a wad of wet cotton. Avoid the eye area. You can dip cotton in milk to cleanse make up from your eye area.

Hand and Foot Creams :
Having soft, well cared for pretty hands is an important part of being looking good. It completes the picture of total femininity. Cream your hands and feet with Vaseline or other heavy creams before you go to bed. It will work its magic during the night and your hands and feet will feel silky next day. For those with dry skin, additional moisturizing during the day is recommended. Keep your nails clean and well filed. Give yourself regular manicures and pedicures.

Nail Polishes :
Choose a color that complements your hands and feet. The right color makes a lot of difference. But you can be brave and experiment and mix and match and play around with the color combination. After all, it is only nail polish - not brain surgery.

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