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 Foundation for your Skin Tone
Sallow :
This kind of skin tone lacks color. Use pinky beige to make it less yellow.

Lily White :
People who have this type of skin tome should try using a pale natural shade with just a hint of translucent pink.

Olive :
This is the sort of skin that's neither fair nor dark, neither pink nor sallow. Using deep beige on this skin will bring out the best in it.

Oriental :
This is not necessarily sallow. Use a light tone as well as a texture to compliment it.

Asian :
Asian skin will come to life when you use a foundation that gives the skin sheen.

English Rose :
Avoid using a foundation with too much underlying pink.

Freckled :
Freckles are an asset. Use a light foundation to look your best with them.

Dark 'n' Dusky :
Dark and dusky skin toned always looks classy with the highlights of a healthy sheen. Use a concealer to disguise differences of pigmentation.
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