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Cleanser :
Used to remove soil, perspiration, excess oil and make-up.
How to use
Wet face and hands thoroughly before using. Apply the cleanser generously with fingertips... rinse off.

Toner :
Used to rinse, freshen and complete the beauty process.
How to use
Moisten cotton pad with the toner for your skin type. Gently wipe away all traces of the cleanser.

Moisturizer :
Used to compensate for normal moisture and to provide a sheer, protective base for make-up. Freshly cleaned skin needs a protective barrier.
How to use
Smooth the moisturizer for your skin type evenly over your face and neck.

Masque :
A stimulating beauty treatment to deep-cleanse and refine skin and pores. It absorbs excessive oils and impurities and freshens your skin.
How to use
Cleanse face with regular cleanser. Apply gently and generously to face, do not massage or rub-in and avoid eye area. Allow drying for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. Blot dry. Follow with toner and moisturizer.

Facial scrub :
It is a special buffing cream that can alternate as a cleanser, to improve your skin's natural exfoliation and improves texture. It is used to remove dry cells and improve skin texture.
How to use
Apply to a wet face using gentle, circular movements, avoiding eye area. Rinse away with warm water. Splash with cold water. Blot dry. Use toner to remove any traces of scrub. Follow with moisturizer
[Note: Masque should not be used in sequence to a facial scrub. Use on alternate days.]

Revitalizing Night treatment :
Helps improve and maintain younger-looking skin. All skin types can use this sort of cream.
How to use
After a day out smooth a thin film over face and neck using light, circular strokes.

Moisture stick :
It's a concentrated moisturizer with Vitamin E, an excellent product for dry skin.
How to use
Dab on any extra dry area needing a moisturizer, especially around eyes, mouth and cuticles.

Eye make-up remover gel :
This product removes all traces of eye make-up, even the most resistant.
How to use
Apply gel with a cotton pad or tissue. Remove with a clean tissue.
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