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In order to look your best, you must discover what your basic make up needs are and stick to them. Look critically in the mirror or consult a friend or a beautician for advice. If you have a good complexion, you can concentrate on playing up your eyes and lips. Your skin is already playing its part. If you have small eyes you need to make them look bigger. Are your lips better off with just a touch of gloss or do they need a dash of color ?

Practice using make up at home before you venture out to a big occasion. Perfect your technique. With the right cosmetics, learn the art of drawing lines on your face and blending them to maximum effect. If you are not satisfied with the result, wash it off and try again.

Sometimes there is very little difference between ultra glamour and the garish. If you're unsure about where to draw a line, err on the side of underplaying rather than overdoing your makeup.

Remember not to camouflage your face with heavy make up. The object should be to make your face look better, enhance your beauty. So use it with discretion. The secret lies in highlighting your good features and downplaying what you don't like about your face.

When used well, make up can transform you beyond belief. You will find a gorgeous stranger in your mirror. Therefore it is important that you are well skilled in the art of make up.

Once you've learnt to make yourself beautiful, you can try different looks for various occasions. Go naturelle for a casual outing. Look glamorous for a cocktail party. The efficient, classy look is ideal for the office. It is important to know your occasion and dress accordingly. Remember, you can't always look like a bride. Ensure you have the right cosmetics.
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