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 Right Spectacle Frames for your Sort of Face
Spectacles can be used as beauty assets if you select the kind of frame that compliments your face. So if you're planning to wear them, make sure you check out the following pointers.

Oblong faces :
Oval frames go well on oblong or squarish faces. Try and avoid wearing square frames.

Round faces :
People with round faces should choose squarish frames or ones that have straight lines across the top and bottom, to balance their features.

Pale or Sallow Skin :
Avoid wearing frames that are dark. Try warm browns, roses, rusts, ambers instead to add life to pale skin. If your face is florid, use cool colors like blues greens and greys.

Small and Petite faces :
If your features or face is small, try and avoid frames that are large and overpowering. And if your face is large don't get enormous glasses, which will prove to be overwhelming.

Wide-set Eyes :
If your eyes are well spaced, choose a darker bridge to make the eyes appear closer together.

Close-set Eyes :
Close-set eyes look more spaced out with lighter bridges.

Long Noses :
A darker, heavier bridge should do well for long noses.

Short Noses :
Sort or wider noses look better with medium or lighter bridges.
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