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Skin Care
Not all the cosmetics in the world could do much for a face that has been neglected and denied care. Basic skin care is an indispensable part of beauty regimen. Put aside a few minutes everyday for skin care and your effort will more than pay off. To have your skin look at it's best, you must clean it and moisturize with care everyday. It removes the effects of toxins and nourishes your face like nothing else will.

Your skin is a protective wrapper. It helps your body to discard water, fetch supplies, it nourishes growing hair, sustains the nails on toes and fingers. It also reports your total health by its texture, color and tone.

With a good healthy skin and a radiant complexion, any woman is well on her way to beauty.

A cautionary word: Everyone's skin is unique. How these suggestions work for you depend on many variables: your age, your medical history, your skin type, any allergies you may have, and your daily skin regimen. My suggestions often use natural ingredients and ought to be safe for most people. If you're not sure how these will affect you, try a test area first. You should always test any product before you commit yourself.

Your skin makes up about one-tenth of your body's weight. It consists of three main layers - the epidermis, the cutis and the sub-cutis.

The epidermis, or the topmost skin layer, is itself divided into five cell layers. These are : the horny layer, the glossy layer, the granular cell layer, the prickle-cell layer and the basal-cell layer, Cells harden here, thicken and then flake off. The horny layer is constantly renewed.

The cutis or the lower skin layer contains the sebaceous and sweat glands. The sebaceous or 'oil' glands lubricate the skin and keep it soft, moist and supple.

These glands can occasionally become over-active due to some emotional disturbance or the presence of male hormones. From this over-activity, acne can result.

The sweat glands pump up perspiration to the surface of the skin. Exposure of sweat to the atmosphere helps to keep the temperature of the body at the correct level through evaporation.

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