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Tips for a better Complexion
Invest in good quality soap, moisturizers and astringents and cleansing lotion (plain milk works just as well) If you have an oily face that tends to shine, use the astringent.

Steaming our face will deep clean your pores. You can steam your face by holding your head over a container of hot water, with your head covered by a thick towel. A few minutes of this treatment will bring out all the impurities clogged in your skin. It is recommended never to steam your face more than once a week. Cold water or a mild stringent can be used to close the pores once again.

Your skin is at it's most responsive to a massage at this time. Use a cream or a massage oil and massage your face with gentle upward outward strokes.

End the facial with a face pack. Teenagers can use home made packs that are safer for their tender skin.

Scrubs are meant to be used only once or twice a week. Always wet your face with warm water first. Apply a small amount of scrub with fingertips and gently massage into skin, keeping clear off the eye area. It removes the dead dry cells from the surface of your skin. Follow up with a moisturizer. Your face will look soft and fresh.

Diet and your skin are partners in the game of beauty. Whatever you eat will show on your face. Eat right and look right. Plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and loads of water will reward your skin and keep you healthy and glowing.

Know your skin. Find out what it is allergic to and avoid those things like the devil. Certain things are well accepted by your skin. Don't think of doing without them. Stick to what suits you and don't hesitate to shelve what doesn't. It's important to know what your skin type is.

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