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1. In order to unclog surface skin tissues, a circulatory massage motion is used. Your hands should move gently over the face and neck in a centripetal motion. This stimulates the flow of blood towards the heart. Light and slow movements soothe and calm; if the movements are rapid and force is used, the circulation is activated and muscles are deconstructed.

In order to prevent the skin and muscles from becoming slack, kneading and pinching techniques should be used.

2. With hands flat and pressed lightly on the forehead, stroke in the outward direction towards the hair.

3. Around the eye area and eyelids only light pressing movements should be used. With your third finger, gently stroke outward over brows, moving fingers in, from the outer tip to the inner underneath the eye, and outward from the inner tip over the lids.

4. For the neck, use one hand after another backwards firmly under the chin and downward over the throat. Always massage the cheeks with a number of short upward strokes using the two middle fingers of each hand.

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