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Food Allergies and Skin Problems
Foods causes, at least, two types of skin problems -
1] Hives
2] Eczemas: Atopic eczema is caused due to food allergies. Usually foodstuffs like milk, eggs and preserved foods trigger allergies. A person may be allergic to more than one foodstuff. It often takes a number of hours for the reaction to occur, which makes it difficult to identify the culprit. Fortunately most people outgrow their food allergies. Thus it is not always necessary to look for the causative agent.
Eczema, on Caucasian skin, appears as red, oily patches that itch; on black skin, it appears like goosebumps. Eczema might indicate an allergic reaction. If you've ruled out an allergy, treat this gently with an oatmeal bath or a product like Aveeno Body Wash that contains oatmeal. Oatmeal has beta-glutens that help regenerate skin. Evening primrose oil is also helpful because it has gamma-linolenic acid (GLA); you can get GLA by eating salmon and flaxseed.

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