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Recognizing your Skin Type
Most of us are really ignorant about our skin type. And a lot of us feel we come under the normal skin category. Which can't be really true as normal skin is extremely rare. Following is a list of skin types and how you can recognize them.

Dry Skin :
You have dry skin if...
* Your T-zone and cheeks are dry.
* Your skin appears taunt, fragile and dull with occasional flaking especially on the cheeks.
* Your pores are fine.
* Lines appear early around the eyes mouth and forehead.
* Blemishes are rarely a problem.
* Extremely sensitive to sun and cold.
Note : this skin type can occur at any age but is seen mostly in wonen over 30.

Oily Skin :
You have oily skin if your skin...
* Has an oily sheen especially in the T-zone.
* Has enlarged pores especially in the nose, chin and cheek area.
* Feels soft and supple.
* Has an acne blemish.
* Tans easily but seldom burns.

What to do about oily skin
If you have oily skin and you'd like to do something about this condition, here are some good tips for you:
Cleanse only two or three times at the very most with a product made for your skin type. Washing more often will only strip the skin of oil which simply stimulates the oil glands to replace it. Rinse thoroughly and then finish off with a toner/astringent on the oily areas of your skin. The astringent can be used throughout the day to help control the excess oil that appears.

Normal Skin :
You have normal skin if your skin...
* Appears soft clear and supple.
* Has uniform texture and pigment.
* Has few or no blemishes, no oily sheen or dry spots.
* Is not overly sensitive to the sun.

Oily-Normal Combination Skin :
You have Oily-Normal combination skin if your skin...
* Is oily in the T-zone.
* Is normal across the cheeks, which are soft clear and supple.

Normal-Dry Combination Skin :
You have Normal-Dry combination skin if...
* Your skin is normal in the T-zone.
* Excess oil and blemishes are rarely a problem.
* Dry in the cheek area.

Oily-Dry Combination Skin :
You have Oily-Dry combination skin if you have...
* An oily T-zone with an oily sheen.
* Dry cheeks with taunt skin and no blemishes.

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