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Your skin is the largest organ in your body and measures to almost 20 square feet. Hence, a good skin care routine should not only include the use of the regular skin care and beauty products but also good nourishment and a well balanced diet. To help you make sure your skin and body gets the kind of nourishment it needs, we have provided you with a list of vitamins and the role they play in giving you naturally beautiful and healthy skin.

Vitamin A
Your skin tissue needs this vitamin to keep its elasticity. Taking less than the required amount of vitamin A will result in dry hair and Rough skin. Fish oils, Butter margarine and animal liver are rich in this vitamin.

Vitamin B2
This vitamin is associated with the general health and well being of the skin. Yeast, milk eggs and green vegetables have an abundant supply of this vitamin.

Vitamin C
If you want cuts and wounds on the skin to heal quickly, make sure you get the right supply of this vitamin, as it is responsible for building up of collagen and intercellular material. A deficiency of this vitamin could lead to weak blood vessels and broken capillaries on the surface of the skin. All citrus fruits and fresh fruits and vegetables have this vitamin in abundance. You could also tuck in a few gooseberries and potatoes that are also good sources of the vitamin.

Vitamin E
Poor skin and hair conditions could be attributed to the lack of this vitamin. So if you seem to lack the above, try munching on nuts, sprouts, soya, eggs, and dark green vegetables.

Vitamin F
Sister to Vitamin E, not having enough of it could give you dry skin and eczema. People with dry skin could try including sunflower oil, safflower oil, wheat germ oil, and corn oil or evening primrose oil in their diet.

Vitamin P
Sister vitamin to Vitamin C, this vitamin strengthens the capillaries in the skin. Broken blood vessels on the cheeks, leading to red areas can sometimes be cleared using the vitamin.

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