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Name : Elisabeth Shue
Birth Name : Elisabeth Judson Shue
Date of Birth : October 6, 1963
Place of Birth : Wilmington, Delaware< USA
Profession : Actress
Sex : Female
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Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue
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Elisabeth Shue Biography

Given her contrast-laden background, it's not surprising that Shue portrays both goody-goody and baddy-baddy with equal aplomb. On the one hand, she comes from a well-heeled Northeastern family, descended from Mayflower passengers and educated in the Ivy League for generations; on the other, Shue's parents split up when she was in fourth grade and, since both worked long hours, their children found ample time for trouble of the suburban adolescent variety-driving without a license, recreational drug use, and so on. After high school, Shue enrolled at Wellesley College, an all-women school where she says she appreciated the scholastic isolation from booze and boys.

By her junior year, Shue was looking for a way to supplement her income and social life, so she followed a friend's example and pursued work as a actress in television commercials. At her first audition, Shue's athletic skills impressed the producers, who hired her to plug a Florida theme park by doing cartwheels and flips.
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