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Charles Caleb Colton Quotes

(1780-1832), British Sportsman Writer

There is this difference between happiness and wisdom, that he that thinks himself the happiest man, really is so; but he who thinks himself the wisest, is generally the greatest fool.

Category: Happiness

Money is the most envied, but the least enjoyed. Health is the most enjoyed, but the least envied.

Category: Health

Honor is unstable and seldom the same; for she feeds upon opinion, and is as fickle as her food.

Category: Honor

Levity is often less foolish and gravity less wise than each of them appears.

Category: Humor

Where we cannot invent, we may at least improve.

Category: Improvement

Nothing more completely baffles one who is full of tricks and duplicity than straight forward and simple integrity in another.

Category: Integrity

To despise our own species is the price we must often pay for knowledge of it.

Category: Knowledge

We own almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed but to those who have differed.

Category: Knowledge

Law and equity are two things which God has joined, but which man has put asunder.

Category: Law And Lawyers

Life isn't like a book. Life isn't logical or sensible or orderly. Life is a mess most of the time. And theology must be lived in the midst of that mess.

Category: Life And Living

Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship, never.

Category: Love

If you cannot inspire a woman with love of you, fill her above the brim with love of herself; all that runs over will be yours.

Category: Love

Love is an alliance of friendship and animalism; if the former predominates it is passion exalted and refined; if the latter, gross and sensual.

Category: Love

Never join with your friend when he abuses his horse or his wife, unless the one is to be sold and the other to be buried.

Category: Marriage

Contemporaries appreciate the person rather than their merit, posterity will regard the merit rather than the person.

Category: Memory