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Christian Nevell Bovee Quotes

(1820-1904), American Author, Lawyer

Affliction, like the iron-smith, shapes as it smites.

Category: Affliction

Wine is a treacherous friend who you must always be on guard for.

Category: Alcohol And Alcoholism

The great artist is a slave to his ideals.

Category: Arts And Artists

The beauty seen, is partly in him who sees it.

Category: Beauty

Every trait of beauty may be referred to some virtue, as to innocence, candor, generosity, modesty, or heroism. St. Pierre To cultivate the sense of the beautiful, is one of the most effectual ways of cultivating an appreciation of the divine goodness.

Category: Beauty

Formerly when great fortunes were only made in war, war was business; but now when great fortunes are only made by business: Business is war!

Category: Business

All men are alike in their lower natures; it is in their higher characters that they differ.

Category: Character

The cheerful live longest in years, and afterwards in our regards. Cheerfulness is the off-shoot of goodness.

Category: Cheerfulness

Many children, many cares; no children, no felicity.

Category: Children

It is our relation to circumstances that determine their influence over us. The same wind that blows one ship into port may blow another off shore.

Category: Circumstance

Self-distrust is the cause of most of our failure. In the assurance of strength there is strength, and, they are the weakest, however strong, who have no faith in themselves or their powers.

Category: Confidence

What we call conscience in many instances, is only a wholesome fear of the law.

Category: Conscience

Courage enlarges, cowardice diminishes resources. In desperate straits the fears of the timid aggravate the dangers that imperil the brave.

Category: Courage

The small courtesies sweeten life; the greater ennoble it.

Category: Courtesy

For cowards the road of desertion should be left open; they will carry over to the enemy nothing, but their fears.

Category: Coward And Cowardice