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Edward Dahlberg Quotes

(1900-1977), American Author, Critic

There is hardly a man on earth who will take advice unless he is certain that it is positively bad.

Category: Advice

Ambition is a Dead Sea fruit, and the greatest peril to the soul is that one is likely to get precisely what he is seeking.

Category: Ambition

Those who write for lucre or fame are grosser than the cartel robbers, for they steal the genius of the people, which is its will to resist evil.

Category: Arts And Artists

We can only write well about our sins because it is too difficult to recall a virtuous act or even whether it was the result of good or evil motives.

Category: Autobiography

Utility is our national shibboleth: the savior of the American businessman is fact and his uterine half-brother, statistics.

Category: Business

One cat in a house is a sign of loneliness, two of barrenness, and three of sodomy.

Category: Cats

I would rather take hellebore than spend a conversation with a good, little man.

Category: Conversation

Hardly a book of human worth, be it heaven's own secret, is honestly placed before the reader; it is either shunned, given a Periclean funeral oration in a hundred and fifty words, or interred in the potter's field of the newspapers back pages.

Category: Critics And Criticism

It is very perplexing how an intrepid frontier people, who fought a wilderness, floods, tornadoes, and the Rockies, cower before criticism, which is regarded as a malignant tumor in the imagination.

Category: Critics And Criticism

Recognize the cunning man not by the corpses he pays homage to but by the living writers he conspires against with the most shameful weapon, Silence, or the briefest review.

Category: Critics And Criticism

Every decision you make is a mistake.

Category: Decisions

A strong foe is better than a weak friend.

Category: Enemies

Everything ultimately fails, for we die, and that is either the penultimate failure or our most enigmatical achievement.

Category: Failure

Genius, like truth, has a shabby and neglected mien.

Category: Genius

Though man is the only beast that can write, he has small reason to be proud of it. When he utters something that is wise it is nothing that the river horse does not know, and most of his creations are the result of accident.

Category: Humankind