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Ezra Pound Quotes

(1885-1972), American Poet, Critic

We do NOT know the past in chronological sequence. It may be convenient to lay it out anesthetized on the table with dates pasted on here and there, but what we know we know by ripples and spirals eddying out from us and from our own time.

Category: Past

If a patron buys from an artist who needs money (needs money to buy tools, time, food), the patron then makes himself equal to the artist; he is building art into the world; he creates.

Category: Patronage

I should consent to breed under pressure, if I were convinced in any way of the reasonableness of reproducing the species. But my nerves and the nerves of any woman I could live with three months, would produce only a victim... lacking in impulse, a mere bundle of discriminations. If I were wealthy I might subsidize a stud of young peasants, or a tribal group in Tahiti.

Category: Procreation

The worst mistake I made was that stupid, suburban prejudice of anti-Semitism.

Category: Race And Racism

Religion, oh, just another of those numerous failures resulting from an attempt to popularize art.

Category: Religion

Gloom and solemnity are entirely out of place in even the most rigorous study of an art originally intended to make glad the heart of man.

Category: Scholars And Scholarship

The jargon of these sculptors is beyond me. I do not know precisely why I admire a green granite female, apparently pregnant monster with one eye going around a square corner.

Category: Sculptures

'Tis not need we know our every thought or see the work shop where each mask is wrought wherefrom we view the world of box and pit, careless of wear, just so the mask shall fit and serve our jape's turn for a night or two.

Category: Self-knowledge

No good poetry is ever written in a manner twenty years old, for to write in such a manner shows conclusively that the writer thinks from books, convention and cliché, not from real life.

Category: Style

I have always thought the suicide should bump off at least one swine before taking off for parts unknown.

Category: Suicide

Technique is the test of sincerity. If a thing isn't worth getting the technique to say, it is of inferior value.

Category: Techniques

I have never known anyone worth a damn who wasn't irascible.

Category: Temper

A great age of literature is perhaps always a great age of translations.

Category: Translation

Wars are made to make debt.

Category: War

The real trouble with war (modern war) is that it gives no one a chance to kill the right people.

Category: War