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Grenville Kleiser Quotes

(1868-1953), American Author

By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character.

Category: Character

Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for anxiety and depression. It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens. It is the direct route to serenity and contentment.

Category: Humor

People who have attained things worth having in this world have worked while others have idled, have persevered while others gave up in despair, and have practiced early in life the valuable habits of self-denial, industry, and singleness of purpose. As a result, they enjoy in later life the success often erroneously attributed to good luck.

Category: Luck

To every problem there is already a solution whether you know it or not.

Category: Problems

It is often better to have a great deal of harm happen to one than a little; a great deal may rouse you to remove what a little will only accustom you to endure.

Category: Things And Little Things