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H. L. Mencken Quotes

(1880-1956), American Editor, Author, Critic, Humorist

It is the dull man who is always sure, and the sure man who is always dull.

Category: Certainty

Life is a constant oscillation between the sharp horns of dilemmas.

Category: Choice

A church is a place in which gentlemen who have never been to heaven brag about it to persons who will never get there.

Category: Churches

Archbishop -- A Christian ecclesiastic of a rank superior to that attained by Christ.

Category: Churches

The movies today are too rich to have any room for genuine artists. They produce a few passable craftsmen, but no artists. Can you imagine a Beethoven making $100, 000 a year?

Category: Cinema

Let's not burn the universities yet. After all, the damage they do might be worse.

Category: Colleges And Universities

Conscience is the inner voice which warns us that someone may be looking.

Category: Conscience

Conscience is a mother-in-law whose visit never ends.

Category: Conscience

To sum up: 1. The cosmos is a gigantic fly-wheel making 10, 000 revolutions a minute. 2. Man is a sick fly taking a dizzy ride on it. 3. Religion is the theory that the wheel was designed and set spinning to give him the ride.

Category: Cosmos

The common argument that crime is caused by poverty is a kind of slander on the poor.

Category: Crime And Criminals

Criticism is prejudice made plausible.

Category: Critics And Criticism

It is impossible to think of a man of any actual force and originality, universally recognized as having those qualities, who spent his whole life appraising and describing the work of other men.

Category: Critics And Criticism

A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.

Category: Cynics And Cynicism

The cynics are right nine times out of ten.

Category: Cynics And Cynicism

Don't overestimate the decency of the human race.

Category: Decency