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Henry David Thoreau Quotes

(1817-1862), American Essayist, Poet, Naturalist

It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?

Category: Busyness

Beware of all enterprises that require a new set of clothes.

Category: Caution

Things do not change, we do.

Category: Change

We know but a few men, a great many coats and breeches.

Category: Character

We falsely attribute to men a determined character -- putting together all their yesterdays -- and averaging them -- we presume we know them. Pity the man who has character to support -- it is worse than a large family -- he is the silent poor indeed.

Category: Character

Pity the man who has a character to support --it is worse than a large family -- he is silent poor indeed.

Category: Character

The universe seems bankrupt as soon as we begin to discuss the characters of individuals.

Category: Character

If you give money, spend yourself with it.

Category: Charity

The generative energy, which, when we are loose, dissipates and makes us unclean, when we are continent invigorates and inspires us. Chastity is the flowering of man; and what are called Genius, Heroism, Holiness, and the like, are but various fruits which succeed it.

Category: Chastity

City life is millions of people being lonesome together.

Category: Cities And City Life

Why level downward to our dullest perception always, and praise that as common sense? The commonest sense is the sense of men asleep, which they express by snoring.

Category: Common Sense

I have a great deal of company in my house; especially in the morning, when nobody calls.

Category: Company

The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when one asked what I thought, and attended to my answer.

Category: Compliments

The fibers of all things have their tension and are strained like the strings of an instrument.

Category: Conflict

As to conforming outwardly, and living your own life inwardly, I have not a very high opinion of that course.

Category: Conformity