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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes

(1819-1892), American Poet

I shot an arrow into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where; For so swiftly it flew, the sight Could not follow it in its flight. I breathed a song into the air, It fell to earth, I knew not where; For, who has sight so keen and strong That it can follow the flight of song? Long, long afterward, in an oak I found the arrow, still unbroken; And the song, from beginning to end, I found again in the heart of a friend.

Category: Friends And Friendship

Yes, we must ever be friends; and of all who offer you friendship Let me be ever the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest!

Category: Friends And Friendship

All the means of action -- the shapeless masses -- the materials -- lie everywhere about us. What we need is the celestial fire to change the flint into the transparent crystal, bright and clear. That fire is genius.''

Category: Genius

There is not grief that does not speak.

Category: Grief

Well has it been said that there is no grief like the grief which does not speak.

Category: Grief

Joy, temperance, and repose, slam the door on the doctor's nose.

Category: Health

Therefore trust to thy heart, and to what the world calls illusions.

Category: Illusion

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.

Category: Judgment And Judges

No literature is complete until the language it was written in is dead.

Category: Language

Some men must follow, and some command, though all are made of clay.

Category: Leaders And Leadership

Like a French poem is life; being only perfect in structure when with the masculine rhymes mingled the feminine are.

Category: Life And Living

Life is real! Life is earnest! And death is not its goal. Dust thou art, to dust returneth, was not spoken of the soul.

Category: Life And Living

It is a beautiful trait in the lovers character, that they think no evil of the object loved.

Category: Love

It is difficult to know at what moment love begins; it is less difficult to know that it has begun.

Category: Love

Love gives itself; it is not bought.

Category: Love