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J. Martin Kohe Quotes

American Publisher, Author

The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose.

Category: Choice

Any person who recognizes this greatest power... the power to choose. Begins to realize that he is the one that is doing the choosing and that friends, although they mean well, cannot do his choosing for him, nor can his relatives. Consequently, he develops real self-confidence based upon his own ability, upon his own action, and upon his own initiative.

Category: Choice

You can choose to be lazy or you can choose to be ambitious. Stop to think about it again. Don't you do your own choosing?

Category: Choice

Let us choose to believe something good can happen.

Category: Choice

Yes, we are all different. Different customs, different foods, different mannerisms, different languages, but not so different that we cannot get along with one another. If we will disagree without being disagreeable.

Category: Peace

You possess a potent force that you either use, or misuse, hundreds of times every day.

Category: Power