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Johann Friedrich Von Schiller Quotes

(1759-1805), German Dramatist, Poet, Historian

The average estimate themselves by what they do, the above average by what they are.

Category: Achievement

He who considers too much will perform little.

Category: Action

Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing.

Category: Adventure

One can advise comfortably from a safe port.

Category: Advice

It is easy to give advice from a port of safety.

Category: Advice

Appearance rules the world.

Category: Appearance

As noble Art has survived noble nature, so too she marches ahead of it, fashioning and awakening by her inspiration. Before Truth sends her triumphant light into the depths of the heart, imagination catches its rays, and the peaks of humanity will be glowing when humid night still lingers in the valleys.

Category: Arts And Artists

The artist is the child of his time; but woe to him if he is also its disciple, or even its favorite.

Category: Arts And Artists

If you have never seen beauty in a moment of suffering, you have never seen beauty at all. If you have never seen joy in a beautiful face, you have never seen joy at all.

Category: Beauty

Truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart.

Category: Beauty

He that is over -- cautious will accomplish little.

Category: Caution

He cannot complain of a hard sentence, who is made master of his own fate.

Category: Complaints And Complaining

We are citizens of an age, as well as of a State; and if it is held to be unseemly, or even inadmissible, for a man to cut himself off from the customs and manners of the circle in which he lives, why should it be less of a duty, in the choice of his activity, to submit his decision to the needs and the taste of his century?

Category: Conformity

The brave person thinks of themselves last of all.

Category: Courage

This is the curse of an evil deed, that it incites and must bring forth more evil.

Category: Curses