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Joseph Addison Quotes

(1672-1719), British Essayist, Poet, Statesman

If we hope for what we are not likely to possess, we act and think in vain, and make life a greater dream and shadow than it really is.

Category: Hope

Mirth is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for a moment; cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity.

Category: Humor

Mutability of temper and inconsistency with ourselves is the greatest weakness of human nature.

Category: Inconsistency

Young men soon give, and soon forget, affronts; old age is slow in both.

Category: Injury

There is not, in my opinion, anything more mysterious in nature than this instinct in animals, which thus rise above reason, and yet fall infinitely short of it.

Category: Instinct

Young people soon give, and forget insults, but old age is slow in both.

Category: Insults

The disease of jealously is so malignant that is converts all it takes into its own nourishment.

Category: Jealousy

Knowledge is that which, next to virtue, truly raises one person above another.

Category: Knowledge

If we may believe our logicians, man is distinguished from all other creatures by the faculty of laughter. He has a heart capable of mirth, and naturally disposed to it.

Category: Laughter

One should take good care not to grow too wise for so great a pleasure of life as laughter.

Category: Laughter

Husband a lie, and trump it up in some extraordinary emergency.

Category: Lies And Lying

A woman seldom asks advice before she has bought her wedding clothes.

Category: Marriage

As vivacity is the gift of women, gravity is that of men.

Category: Men And Women

'Tis not in mortals to command success, but we'll do more, Sempronius, we'll deserve it.

Category: Merit

Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue.

Category: Modesty