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Lord Chesterfield Quotes

(1694-1773), British Statesman, Author

Most people have ears, but few have judgment; tickle those ears, and depend upon it, you will catch those judgments, such as they are.

Category: Speakers And Speaking

Style is the dress of thoughts; and let them be ever so just, if your style is homely, coarse, and vulgar, they will appear to as much disadvantage, and be as ill received, as your person, though ever so well-proportioned, would if dressed in rags, dirt, and tatters.

Category: Style

The world can doubtless never be well known by theory: practice is absolutely necessary; but surely it is of great use to a young man, before he sets out for that country, full of mazes, windings, and turnings, to have at least a general map of it, made by some experienced traveler.

Category: Theory

I recommend you to take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves.

Category: Time And Time Management

Take care in your minutes, and the hours will take care of themselves.

Category: Time And Time Management

The less one has to do, the less time one finds to do it in.

Category: Time And Time Management

Let them show me a cottage where there are not the same vices of which they accuse the courts.

Category: Vice

Vice, in its true light, is so deformed, that it shocks us at first sight; and would hardly ever seduce us, if it did not at first wear the mask of some virtue.

Category: Vice

A wise man will live as much within his wit as within his income.

Category: Wit

Wit is so shining a quality that everybody admires it; most people aim at it, all people fear it, and few love it unless in themselves. A man must have a good share of wit himself to endure a great share of it in another.

Category: Wit

The more one works, the more willing one is to work.

Category: Work

The world is a country which nobody ever yet knew by description; one must travel through it one's self to be acquainted with it.

Category: World

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Category: Worth

Young men are apt to think themselves wise enough, as drunken men are apt to think themselves sober enough.

Category: Youth