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Marquis De Vauvenargues Quotes

(1715-1747), French Moralist

Wicked people are always surprised to find ability in those that are good.

Category: Ability

Give help rather than advice.

Category: Advice

Most people grow old within a small circle of ideas, which they have not discovered for themselves. There are perhaps less wrong-minded people than thoughtless.

Category: Awareness

If people did not compliment one another there would be little society.

Category: Compliments

Everyone is born sincere and die deceivers.

Category: Deception

The art of pleasing is the art of deception.

Category: Deception

Emotions have taught mankind to reason.

Category: Emotions

Those who can bear all can dare all.

Category: Endurance

We should expect the best and the worst of mankind, as from the weather.

Category: Expectation

Our failings sometimes bind us to one another as closely as could virtue itself.

Category: Failure

We are almost always guilty of the hate we encounter.

Category: Hatred

To achieve great things we must live as though we were never going to die.

Category: Immortality

The things we know best are the things we haven't been taught.

Category: Knowledge

Lazy people are always anxious to be doing something.

Category: Laziness

The idle always have a mind to do something.

Category: Laziness