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Miguel De Cervantes Quotes

(1547-1616), Spanish Novelist, Dramatist, Poet

Laziness never arrived at the attainment of a good wish.

Category: Laziness

'Tis a dainty thing to command, though 'twere but a flock of sheep.

Category: Leaders And Leadership

For a man to attain to an eminent degree in learning costs him time, watching, hunger, nakedness, dizziness in the head, weakness in the stomach, and other inconveniences.

Category: Learning

She fights and vanquishes in me, and I live and breathe in her, and I have life and being.

Category: Life And Living

Love and war are the same thing, and stratagems and policy are as allowable in the one as in the other.

Category: Love

'Tis said of love that it sometimes goes, sometimes flies; runs with one, walks gravely with another; turns a third into ice, and sets a fourth in a flame: it wounds one, another it kills: like lightning it begins and ends in the same moment: it makes that fort yield at night which it besieged but in the morning; for there is no force able to resist it.

Category: Love

One who has not only the four S's, which are required in every good lover, but even the whole alphabet; as for example... Agreeable, Bountiful, Constant, Dutiful, Easy, Faithful, Gallant, Honorable, Ingenious, Kind, Loyal, Mild, Noble, Officious, Prudent, Quiet, Rich, Secret, True, Valiant, Wise; the X indeed, is too harsh a letter to agree with him, but he is Young and Zealous.

Category: Lovers

Miracle me no miracles.

Category: Miracles

'Tis the only comfort of the miserable to have partners in their woes.

Category: Misers And Misery

Alas! all music jars when the soul's out of tune.

Category: Music

Good painters imitate nature, bad ones spew it up.

Category: Painters And Painting

No fathers or mothers think their own children ugly.

Category: Parents And Parenting

Patience and shuffle the cards.

Category: Patience

And for the citation of so many authors, 'tis the easiest thing in nature. Find out one of these books with an alphabetical index, and without any farther ceremony, remove it verbatim into your own... there are fools enough to be thus drawn into an opinion of the work; at least, such a flourishing train of attendants will give your book a fashionable air, and recommend it for sale.

Category: Plagiarism

To be prepared is half the victory.

Category: Planning