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Nathaniel Hawthorne Quotes

(1804-1864), American Novelist, Short Story Writer

Every young sculptor seems to think that he must give the world some specimen of indecorous womanhood, and call it Eve, Venus, a Nymph, or any name that may apologize for a lack of decent clothing.

Category: Sculptures

Selfishness is one of the qualities apt to inspire love.

Category: Selfishness

See! those fiendish lineaments graven on the darkness, the writhed lip of scorn, the mockery of that living eye, the pointed finger, touching the sore place in your heart! Do you remember any act of enormous folly, at which you would blush, even in the remotest cavern of the earth? Then recognize your Shame.

Category: Shame

Nobody has any conscience about adding to the improbabilities of a marvelous tale.

Category: Story And Story-Telling

Man's own youth is the world's youth; at least he feels as if it were, and imagines that the earth's granite substance is something not yet hardened, and which he can mould into whatever shape he likes.

Category: Youth