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Ovid Quotes

Roman Poet

A short absence is the safest.

Category: Absence

I attempt an arduous task; but there is no worth in that which is not a difficult achievement.

Category: Achievement

Let your hook always be cast. In the pool where you least expect it, will be a fish.

Category: Action

Men do not value a good deed unless it brings a reward.

Category: Action

It is a kingly act to assist the fallen.

Category: Aid And Assistance

The sharp thorn often produces delicate roses.

Category: Ancestry

Love is full of anxious fears.

Category: Anxiety

There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it.

Category: Anxiety

Neglect of appearance becomes men.

Category: Appearance

When disposition wins us, the features please.

Category: Appearance

The time will come when it will disgust you to look in the mirror.

Category: Appearance

People are slow to believe that, which if believed would work them harm.

Category: Belief

We are slow to believe that which if believed would hurt our feelings.

Category: Belief

Let love give way to business; give attention to business and you will be safe.

Category: Business

All things change, nothing is extinguished. There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.

Category: Change