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Ruckett Quotes

Anxiety about the future never profits; we feel no evil until it comes, and when we feel it, no counsel helps; wisdom is either too early or too late.

Category: Anxiety

Who is mightier than death? Those who can smile when death threatens.

Category: Death And Dying

Only in dreams does the happiness of the earth dwell.

Category: Dreams

The fool needs company, the wise solitude.

Category: Fools And Foolishness

Whether joy or sorrowful, the heart needs a double, because a joy shared is doubled and a pain that is shared is divided.

Category: Heart

Though you are disappointed is hope; never let hope fail you! Though one door is shut, there are thousands still open to you.

Category: Hope

A vulgar mind is proud in prosperity and humble in adversity. A noble mind is humble in prosperity and proud in adversity.

Category: Humility

In the perfect wedlock, the man, I should say, is the head, but the woman the heart, with which he cannot dispense.

Category: Marriage

Between today and tomorrow are graves, and between promising and fulfilling are chasms.

Category: Promises

Before everyone stands a image of what he ought to be. So long as he is not that his peace is not complete.

Category: Self-esteem

My only wish is that my wishes be at rest.

Category: Wish And Wishing