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Samuel Johnson Quotes

(1709-1784), British Author

Suspicion is most often useless pain.

Category: Suspicion

He that is already corrupt is naturally suspicious, and he that becomes suspicious will quickly become corrupt.

Category: Suspicion

Its proper use is to amuse the idle, and relax the studious, and dilute the full meals of those who cannot use exercise, and will not use abstinence.

Category: Tea

We love to overlook the boundaries which we do not wish to pass.

Category: Temptation

The drama's laws, the drama's patrons give, for we that live to please, must please to live.

Category: Theater

There is nothing, Sir, too little for so little a creature as man. It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery and as much happiness as possible.

Category: Things And Little Things

When any calamity has been suffered, the first thing to be remembered is how much has been escaped.

Category: Tragedies

He that travels in theory has no inconveniences; he has shade and sunshine at his disposal, and wherever he alights finds tables of plenty and looks of gaiety. These ideas are indulged till the day of departure arrives, the chaise is called, and the progress of happiness begins. A few miles teach him the fallacies of imagination. The road is dusty, the air is sultry, the horses are sluggish. He longs for the time of dinner that he may eat and rest. The inn is crowded, his orders are neglected, and nothing remains but that he devour in haste what the cook has spoiled, and drive on in quest of better entertainment. He finds at night a more commodious house, but the best is always worse than he expected.

Category: Travel And Tourism

Worth seeing? Yes; but not worth going to see.

Category: Travel And Tourism

In traveling, a man must carry knowledge with him, if he would bring home knowledge.

Category: Travel And Tourism

As the Spanish proverb says, ''He who would bring home the wealth of the Indies, must carry the wealth of the Indies with him.'' So it is in travelling; a man must carry knowledge with him, if he would bring home knowledge.

Category: Travel And Tourism

The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.

Category: Travel And Tourism

Except during the nine months before he draws his first breath, no man manages his affairs as well as a tree. We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know because they have never deceived us.

Category: Trust

No government power can be abused long. Mankind will not bear it. There is a remedy in human nature against tyranny, that will keep us safe under every form of government.

Category: Tyranny

Sir, I have found you an argument; but I am not obliged to find you an understanding.

Category: Understanding