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Sir John Vanbrugh Quotes

(1664-1726), British Playwright and Baroque architect

I never had but one intrigue yet: but I confess I long to have another. Pray heaven it end as the first did tho , that we may both grow weary at a time; for 'Tis a melancholy thing for lovers to outlive one another.

Category: Adultery

The want of a thing is perplexing enough, but the possession of it, is intolerable.

Category: Desire

You may build castles in the air, and fume, and fret, and grow thin and lean, and pale and ugly, if you please. But I tell you, no man worth having is true to his wife, or can be true to his wife, or ever was, or will be so.

Category: Infidelity

If women were humbler, men would be more honest.

Category: Men And Women

Virtue is its own reward. There's a pleasure in doing good which sufficiently pays itself.

Category: Virtue