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Voltaire Quotes

(1694-1778), French Historian, Writer

God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best.

Category: God

If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent Him.

Category: God

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.

Category: Government

The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.

Category: Government

Governments need to have both shepherds and butchers.

Category: Government

Men hate the individual whom they call avaricious only because nothing can be gained from him.

Category: Greed

History is just the portrayal of crimes and misfortunes.

Category: History And Historians

History is nothing but a pack of tricks that we play upon the dead.

Category: History And Historians

Shun idleness is the rust that attaches itself to the most brilliant metals.

Category: Idleness

I believe that there never was a creator of a philosophical system who did not confess at the end of his life that he had wasted his time. It must be admitted that the inventors of the mechanical arts have been much more useful to men that the inventors of syllogisms. He who imagined a ship towers considerably above him who imagined innate ideas.

Category: Imagination

I was never ruined but twice; once when I lost a lawsuit and once when I won one.

Category: Law And Lawyers

I should like to lie at your feet and die in your arms.

Category: Lies And Lying

My life is a battle.

Category: Life And Living

We never live; we are always in the expectation of living.

Category: Life And Living

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.

Category: Love