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Some people are addicts. If they don't act, they don't exist.

Author: Jeanne Moreau (1928)

Profession: French Actress and Director

Acting is a question of absorbing other people's personalities and adding some of your own experience.

Author: Paul Newman (1925)

Profession: American Actor, Director, Philanthropist, Producer

Every time I get a script it's a matter of trying to know what I could do with it. I see colors, imagery. It has to have a smell. It's like falling in love. You can't give a reason why.

Author: Lena Olin (1955)

Profession: Swedish-born American-born American Actress

I have to act to live.

Author: Sir Lawrence Olivier (1907-1989)

Profession: British Actor, Producer, Director

The actor becomes an emotional athlete. The process is painful -- my personal life suffers.

Author: Al Pacino (1940)

Profession: American Actor, Director

Elizabeth Taylor is pre-feminist woman. This is the source of her continuing greatness and relevance. She wields the sexual power that feminism cannot explain and has tried to destroy. Through stars like Taylor, we sense the world-disordering impact of legendary women like Delilah, Salome, and Helen of Troy. Feminism has tried to dismiss the femme fatale as a misogynist libel, a hoary cliché. But the femme fatale expresses women's ancient and eternal control of the sexual realm. The specter of the femme fatale stalks all men's relations with women.

Author: Camille Paglia (1947)

Profession: American Author, Critic, Educator

She runs the gamut of emotions from A to B.

Author: Dorothy Parker (1893-1967)

Profession: American Humorous Writer

You can't do four movies and be good to everybody and be flying all night and shooting all day with a different wig and then be going to sing on Broadway without feeling a little tired. You endlessly feel you're letting somebody down.

Author: Sarah Jessica Parker (1965)

Profession: American Actress

All men practice the actor's art.

Author: Petron


Ah just act the way ah feel.

Author: Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

Profession: American Singer, Actor

I don't want to read about some of these actresses who are around today. They sound like my niece in Scarsdale. I love my niece in Scarsdale, but I won't buy tickets to see her act.

Author: Vincent Price (1911-1993)

Profession: American Actor and Writer

I don't think there's a punch-line scheduled, is there?

Author: Monty Python


In Europe an actor is an artist. In Hollywood, if he isn't working, he's a bum.

Author: Anthony Quinn

Profession: American Actor

I must say that acting was good training for the political life that lay ahead of us.

Author: Nancy Reagan (1923)

Profession: American First Lady, Wife of Former U.S. President, Ronald Reagan

A lot of what acting is paying attention.

Author: Robert Redford (1937)

Profession: American Actor, Director, Producer