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Control over computing belongs with users.

Author: Brandt Allen

Profession: American Academic

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

Author: Isaac Asimov (1920-1992)

Profession: Russian-born American Author

One of the most feared expressions in modern times is ''The computer is down''

Author: Norman Augustine

Profession: American Business Executive, CEO of Martin Marietta

Electronic aids, particularly domestic computers, will help the inner migration, the opting out of reality. Reality is no longer going to be the stuff out there, but the stuff inside your head. It's going to be commercial and nasty at the same time.

Author: J. G. Ballard (1930)

Profession: British Author

The word user is the word used by the computer professional when they mean idiot.

Author: Dave Barry

Profession: American Humorist, Author

I am not the only person who uses his computer mainly for the purpose of diddling with his computer.

Author: Dave Barry

Profession: American Humorist, Author

Computer science only indicates the retrospective omnipotence of our technologies. In other words, an infinite capacity to process data (but only data -- i.e. the already given) and in no sense a new vision. With that science, we are entering an era of exhaustivity, which is also an era of exhaustion.

Author: Jean Baudrillard

Profession: French Postmodern Philosopher, Writer

The sad thing about artificial intelligence is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.

Author: Jean Baudrillard

Profession: French Postmodern Philosopher, Writer

The most likely way for the world to be destroyed, most experts agree, is by accident. That's where we come in; we're computer professionals. We cause accidents.

Author: Nathanie Borenstein

Profession: Author

Silicon Valley is like a person running around in front of a steamroller. You can outrun the steamroller on any given day. But if you ever sit down you get squashed.

Author: Bob Boschert


There is never finality in the display terminal's screen, but an irresponsible whimsicality, as words, sentences, and paragraphs are negated at the touch of a key. The significance of the past, as expressed in the manuscript by a deleted word or an inserted correction, is annulled in idle gusts of electronic massacre.

Author: Alexander Cockburn (1941)

Profession: Anglo-Irish Journalist

It is hardly surprising that children should enthusiastically start their education at an early age with the Absolute Knowledge of computer science; while they are unable to read, for reading demands making judgments at every line. Conversation is almost dead, and soon so too will be those who knew how to speak.

Author: Guy Debord (1931)

Profession: French Philosopher

A computer won't clean up the errors in your manual of procedures.

Author: Sheila M. Eby

Profession: American Business Executive

The workers and professionals of the world will soon be divided into two distinct groups. Those who will control computers and those who will be controlled by computers. It would be best for you to be in the former group.

Author: Lewis D. Eigen

Profession: American Executive VP of University Research Corp.

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer. Those who are serious in ridiculous matters will be ridiculous in serious matters.

Author: Farmers Almanac