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Remember that when you meet your antagonist, to do everything in a mild agreeable manner. Let your courage be keen, but, at the same time, as polished as your sword.

Author: Richard Brinsley Sheridan (1751-1816)

Profession: Anglo-Irish Dramatist

Commonly they must use their feet for defense whose only weapon is their tongue.

Author: Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586)

Profession: British Author, Courtier

What rights are those that dare not resist for them?

Author: Lord Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892)

Profession: British Poet

The fibers of all things have their tension and are strained like the strings of an instrument.

Author: Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

Profession: American Essayist, Poet, Naturalist

Well, if I called the wrong number, why did you answer the phone?

Author: James Thurber (1894-1961)

Profession: American Humorist, Illustrator

We cannot really think in one way and act in another...

Author: Thomas Troward


The trouble with self-made men is that they tend to worship their creator.

Author: Source Unknown


Like a ball bated back and forth, a human being is batted by two forces within.

Author: Yogabindu Upanishad

Profession: Ancient Hindu Scripture

The subconscious part in us is called the subjective mind, because it does not decide and command. It is subject rather than a ruler. Its nature is to do what it is told, or what really in your heart of hearts you desire.

Author: William T. Walsh


It's when you're safe at home that you wish you were having an adventure. When you're having an adventure you wish you were safe at home.

Author: Thornton Wilder (1897-1975)

Profession: American Novelist, Playwright

There are always two forces warring against each other within us.

Author: Paramahansa Yogananda

Profession: Spiritual Author, Lecturer

You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.

Author: Zig Ziglar

Profession: American Sales Trainer, Author, Motivational Speaker