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The curiosity to know things has been given to man as a scourge.

Author: Apocrypha


You must learn day by day, year by year, to broaden your horizon. The more things you love, the more you are interested in.

Author: Ethel Barrymore (1879-1959)

Profession: American Actress

Be not curious in unnecessary matters: for more things are shrewd unto thee than men understand.

Author: Bible

Profession: Sacred Scriptures of Christian

Where the apple reddens never pry -- lest we lose our Edens, Eve and I.

Author: Robert Browning (1812-1889)

Profession: British Poet

All my life I've been harassed by questions: Why is something this way and not another? How do you account for that? This rage to understand, to fill in the blanks, only makes life more banal. If we could only find the courage to leave our destiny to chance, to accept the fundamental mystery of our lives, then we might be closer to the sort of happiness that comes with innocence.

Author: Luis Bunuel (1900-1983)

Profession: Spanish Film Director

The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity.

Author: Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Profession: British Political Writer, Statesman

That low vice, curiosity!

Author: Lord Byron (1788-1824)

Profession: British Poet

It is a shameful thing to be weary of inquiry when what we search for is excellent.

Author: Marcus T. Cicero

Profession: Great Roman Orator, Politician

Curiosity ... endows the people who have it with a generosity in argument and a serenity in their own mode of life which springs from their cheerful willingness to let life take the form it will.

Author: Alistair Cooke (1908)

Profession: British Broadcaster, Journalist

Creatures whose mainspring is curiosity enjoy the accumulating of facts far more than the pausing at times to reflect on those facts.

Author: Clarence Day (1874-1935)

Profession: American Essayist

Never lose a holy curiosity.

Author: Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Profession: German-born American Physicist

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery everyday. Never lose a holy curiosity.

Author: Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Profession: German-born American Physicist

Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret.

Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Profession: American Poet, Essayist

Curiosity is one of the lowest of the human faculties. You will have noticed in daily life that when people are inquisitive they nearly always have bad memories and are usually stupid at bottom.

Author: Edward M. Forster (1879-1970)

Profession: British Novelist, Essayist

The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.

Author: Anatole France (1844-1924)

Profession: French Writer