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He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.

Author: Douglas Adams (1952)

Profession: British Science Fiction Writer

Our dreams drench us in senses, and senses steps us again in dreams.

Author: Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888)

Profession: American Educator, Social Reformer

He dreamed he was eating shredded wheat and woke up to find the mattress half gone.

Author: Fred A. Allen (1894-1957)

Profession: American Radio Comic

Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.

Author: James Allen (1864-1912)

Profession: British-born American Essayist, Author of ''As a Man Thinketh''

What if nothing exists and we're all in somebody's dream? Or what's worse, what if only that fat guy in the third row exists?

Author: Woody Allen (1935)

Profession: American Director, Screenwriter, Actor, Comedian

I have heard it said that the first ingredient of success -- the earliest spark in the dreaming youth -- if this; dream a great dream.

Author: John A. Appleman


I'll do my dreaming with my eyes wide open, and I'll do my looking back with my eyes closed.

Author: Tony Arata

Profession: American Song Writer

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.

Author: Neil Armstrong (1930)

Profession: American Astronaut, First Man Stepped on the Moon

Because thou must not dream, thou need not despair.

Author: Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)

Profession: British Poet, Critic

When asked what he would do if he only had six months to live: Type faster.

Author: Isaac Asimov (1920-1992)

Profession: Russian-born American Author

A daydream is a meal at which images are eaten. Some of us are gourmets, some gourmands, and a good many take their images precooked out of a can and swallow them down whole, absent-mindedly and with little relish.

Author: W. H. Auden (1907-1973)

Profession: Anglo-American Poet

Initially I wanted to be Muhammad Ali. But then I got into a fight and I got my butt kicked, so I figured I could choose something else.

Author: Babyface (1959)

Profession: American Musician, Producer, Songwriter

You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.

Author: Richard Bach (1936)

Profession: American Author

Reverie is not a mind vacuum. It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul.

Author: Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962)

Profession: French Scientist, Philosopher, Literary Theorist

Dreams have only the pigmentation of fact.

Author: Djuna Barnes (1892-1982)

Profession: American Author, Poet, Columnist