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Feminism Quotes

I became a feminist as an alternative to becoming a masochist.

Author: Sally Kempton


Women's liberation is the liberation of the feminine in the man and the masculine in the woman.

Author: Sister Corita Kent


The emancipation of women is practically the greatest egoistic movement of the nineteenth century, and the most intense affirmation of the right of the self that history has yet seen.

Author: Ellen Key (1849-1926)

Profession: Swedish Author, Feminist

Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

Author: Timothy Leary (1921-1996)

Profession: American Actor

Feminism was recognized by the average man as a conflict in which it was impossible for a man, as a chivalrous gentleman, as a respecter of the rights of little nations (like little Belgium), as a highly evolved citizen of a highly civilized community, to refuse the claim of this better half to self-determination.

Author: Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)

Profession: British Author, Painter

As a result of the feminist revolution, ''feminine'' becomes an abusive epithet.

Author: Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957)

Profession: British Author, Painter

The people I'm furious with are the Women's Liberationists. They keep getting up on soapboxes and proclaiming women are brighter than men. That's true, but it should be kept quiet or it ruins the whole racket.

Author: Anita Loos (1893-1981)

Profession: American Novelist, Screenwriter

Male supremacy has kept woman down. It has not knocked her out.

Author: Clare Boothe Luce (1903-1987)

Profession: American Diplomat, Writer

The suffering of either sex -- of the male who is unable, because of the way in which he was reared, to take the strong initiating or patriarchal role that is still demanded of him, or of the female who has been given too much freedom of movement as a child to stay placidly within the house as an adult -- this suffering, this discrepancy, this sense of failure in an enjoined role, is the point of leverage for social change.

Author: Margaret Mead (1901-1978)

Profession: American Anthropologist

Women's Liberation is just a lot of foolishness. It's the men who are discriminated against. They can't bear children. And no one's likely to do anything about that.

Author: Golda Meir (1898-1978)

Profession: Prime Minister of Israel, 1969-74

The most important thing women have to do is to stir up the zeal of women themselves.

Author: John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)

Profession: British Philosopher, Economist

Everything in woman hath a solution. It is called pregnancy.

Author: Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Profession: German Philosopher

We need a new kind of feminism, one that stresses personal responsibility and is open to art and sex in all their dark, unconsoling mysteries. The feminist of the fin de siècle will be bawdy, streetwise, and on-the-spot confrontational, in the prankish Sixties way.

Author: Camille Paglia (1947)

Profession: American Author, Critic, Educator

The emancipation of today displays itself mainly in cigarettes and shorts. There is even a reaction from the ideal of an intellectual and emancipated womanhood, for which the pioneers toiled and suffered, to be seen in painted lips and nails, and the return of trailing skirts and other absurdities of dress which betoken the slave-woman's intelligent companionship.

Author: Sylvia Pankhurst


I wanted to be the first woman to burn her bra, but it would have taken the fire department four days to put it out.

Author: Dolly Parton (1946)

Profession: American Musician, Country singer, Actress, Songwriter