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I don't know what it is about fecundity that so appalls. I suppose it is the teeming evidence that birth and growth, which we value, are ubiquitous and blind, that life itself is so astonishingly cheap, that nature is as careless as it is bountiful, and that with extravagance goes a crushing waste that will one day include our own cheap lives.

Author: Annie Dillard (1945)

Profession: American Author, Poet

The management of fertility is one of the most important functions of adulthood.

Author: Germaine Greer (1939)

Profession: Australian Feminist Writer

Virginity is now a mere preamble or waiting room to be got out of as soon as possible; it is without significance. Old age is similarly a waiting room, where you go after life's over and wait for cancer or a stroke. The years before and after the menstrual years are vestigial: the only meaningful condition left to women is that of fruitfulness.

Author: Ursula K. Le Guin (1929)

Profession: American Author

I'm hurt, hurt and humiliated beyond endurance, seeing the wheat ripening, the fountains never ceasing to give water, the sheep bearing hundreds of lambs, the she-dogs, until it seems the whole country rises to show me its tender sleeping young while I feel two hammer-blows here instead of the mouth of my child.

Author: Federico Garcia Lorca (1898-1936)

Profession: Spanish Poet, Dramatist, Musician and Artist