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Future Quotes

The future comes one day at a time.

Author: Dean Acheson (1893-1971)

Profession: American Statesman, Lawyer

The future is... black.

Author: James Baldwin (1924-1987)

Profession: American Author

I would sum up my fear about the future in one word: boring. And that's my one fear: that everything has happened; nothing exciting or new or interesting is ever going to happen again... the future is just going to be a vast, conforming suburb of the soul.

Author: J. G. Ballard (1930)

Profession: British Author

It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future.

Author: Yogi Berra (1925)

Profession: American Baseball Player

I have a Vision of the Future, chum. The workers flats in fields of soya beans tower up like silver pencils, score on score.

Author: John Betjeman (1906-1984)

Profession: British Poet

Take no thought for tomorrow; for tomorrow shall take thought for the things of itself. [Matthew 6:34]

Author: Bible

Profession: Sacred Scriptures of Christian

Future: That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true and our happiness is assured.

Author: Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

Profession: American Author, Editor, Journalist, "The Devil's Dictionary"

All futurity seems teeming with endless destruction never to be repelled; Desperate remorse swallows the present in a quenchless rage.

Author: William Blake (1757-1827)

Profession: British Poet, Painter

The future destiny of the child is always the work of the mother.

Author: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Profession: French General, Emperor

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Author: Corrie Ten Boom

Profession: Dutch Evangelist

When all else is lost, the future still remains.

Author: Christian Nevell Bovee (1820-1904)

Profession: American Author, Lawyer

I don't try to describe the future. I try to prevent it.

Author: Ray Bradbury (1920)

Profession: American Science Fiction Writer

The future is as bright as the promises of God.

Author: William Carey (1761-1834)

Profession: British Missionary, Orientalist

By the street of by-and-by, one arrives at the house of never.

Author: Miguel De Cervantes (1547-1616)

Profession: Spanish Novelist, Dramatist, Poet

Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.

Author: Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977)

Profession: British Comic Actor, Filmmaker