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Without a goal to work toward, we will not get there.

Author: Natasha Josefowitz


The mind's direction is more important than its progress.

Author: Joseph Joubert (1754-1824)

Profession: French Moralist

You will now have a starting place and a destination, and you will be able to determine what it will cost you to get there. You will be going someplace.

Author: H. Stanley Judd

Profession: American Author

From a certain point onward there is no longer any turning back. That is the point that must be reached.

Author: Franz Kafka (1883-1924)

Profession: German Novelist, Short-Story Writer

If you don't know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.

Author: Henry Kissinger (1923-)

Profession: American Republican Politician, Secretary of State

Often the search proves more profitable than the goal.

Author: E. L. Konigsburg


You have to set new goals every day.

Author: Julie Krone

Profession: Jockey

There must be a goal at every stage of life! There must be a goal!

Author: Maggie Kuhn (1905)

Profession: American Civil Rights Activist, Author

Great souls are not those who have fewer passions and more virtues than others, but only those who have greater designs.

Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

Profession: French Classical Writer

I've surpassed any goal I set for myself as far as my body, my career, and getting married.

Author: Ricki Lake (1968)

Profession: American Actress, Animal rights activist

You cannot do a goal. Long-term planning and goal-setting must therefore be complemented by short-term planning. This kind of planning requires specifying activities. You can do an activity. Activities are steps along the way to a goal. Let's say you desire security. Putting $10.00 in the bank or talking to your stockbroker about your investment plans are activities that will move you toward your goal.

Author: Alan Lakein

Profession: American Time Management Expert, Author, Trainer

People, like nails, lose their effectiveness when they lose direction and begin to bend.

Author: Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864)

Profession: British Poet, Essayist

If you're not sure where you're going, you'll probably end up somewhere else.

Author: Peter Laurence


You just wait. I'm going to be the biggest Chinese Star in the world.

Author: Bruce Lee (1940-1973)

Profession: Chinese-American Actor, Director, Author, Martial Artist

Becoming a star may not be your destiny, but being the best that you can be is a goal that you can set for yourselves.

Author: Bryan Lindsay