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Fear is the foundation of most government.

Author: John Adams (1735-1826)

Profession: Second President of the USA

A government, for protecting business only, is but a carcass, and soon falls by its own corruption and decay.

Author: Amos Bronson Alcott (1799-1888)

Profession: American Educator, Social Reformer

Our Congress is the finest body of men money can buy.

Author: Maury Amsterdam


It is often said that men are ruled by their imaginations; but it would be truer to say they are governed by the weakness of their imaginations.

Author: Walter Bagehot (1826-1877)

Profession: British Economist, Critic

Being nice to governments doesn't work, they are such lying bastards.

Author: Joy Baluch


Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.

Author: Honore De Balzac (1799-1850)

Profession: French Novelist

Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.

Author: Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850)

Profession: French Legislator

Governing today means giving acceptable signs of credibility. It is like advertising and it is the same effect that is achieved -- commitment to a scenario.

Author: Jean Baudrillard

Profession: French Postmodern Philosopher, Writer

Beaverbrook is so pleased to be in the government that he is like the town tart who finally married the Mayor.

Author: Beverley Baxter


The worst thing in the world next to anarchy, is government.

Author: Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887)

Profession: American Preacher, Orator, Writer

The object of government in peace and in war is not the glory of rulers or of races, but the happiness of the common man.

Author: Baron William Henry Beveridge (1879-1963)

Profession: Indian Economist

A government must not waiver once it has chosen it's course. It must not look to the left or right but go forward.

Author: Otto Von Bismarck (1815-1898)

Profession: Prussian Statesman, Prime Minister

Large legislative bodies resolve themselves into coteries, and coteries into jealousies.

Author: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Profession: French General, Emperor

The art of government is not to let me grow stale.

Author: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Profession: French General, Emperor

Public instruction should be the first object of government.

Author: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Profession: French General, Emperor